Welcome to the farm!

Welcome to the farm! This is a small Debian pubnix(Public UNIX server) running Bookworm.

Some Q/As:

What can I do on the farm?

You can use it for a lot of stuff, from running scripts on a computer running for a lot of time to playing sysadmin, while trying to collaborate with other users.

In fact, the farm is meant for collaborative and social use.

What are user pages?

The farm lets you have mini-webpages. These can be made by creating a public-html directory in your home directory. Then, start writing index.html or index.md files there and you're set!

To find where your site is hosted, just look at the public user list.

How do I even register?

Registering only takes an SSH public key(and preferably an email account to get notified). Join with:

ssh new@freetards.xyz

and follow the instructions.

[software] is missing!

Try compiling it yourself into /shared/usr. If enough people want it, then I'll install it as a Debian package. Optionally, you can use Nix, though that is NOT recommended, as that eats a lot of resources.

How to chat with other users?

The farm has an IRCd running. To use it, you can connect to it(port 6667) using WeeChat.

There also is a community-managed Conduit instance, and a small script to start gomuks.

How to configure my account?

After logging in for the first time, there should be a script handholding you through some extra stuff.

You might have not seen said script however. You can run it with /etc/skel/new

Can I host [custom web service]?

Sure! You'll need to make a socket called [nameofservice].sock, and then you'll be able to access it at https://[user]-[nameofservice].farm.freetards.xyz. If the service does not support listening to sockets, you can simply use Caddy(NOTE: You have to listen to all Hosts).